Trans-Labrador Highway


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Date: Mar 8/06
Name: Mary
Location: Ontario
You have a "great" web site ! We are planning a trip to Newfoundland and Labrador this summer and I found a wealth of information from this site.
I have this site earmarked for quick reference.
Thanks for all your hard work; I really appreciate it.
Two Happy Ontario Campers


Date: Jan 23/06
Name: Tom Frost Jr.
Location: Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
I bicycled it from Esker to Goose Bay in September of 1982, as the toughest and proudest tenth of a 3000-mile-round-trip ride from Pennsylvania. Besides several ferries which were necessary, the Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railroad was the only connection to the western part of Labrador back then. So, I took the train (which included umpteen flatcars loaded with the Winnebagos of Labradorians returning from southern vacations) from Sept-Iles to Esker. From Esker east and especially from Churchill Falls east, I didn't have good enough maps to be sure that the road existed all the way to Goose Bay; the most-recent one of my undetailed maps showed a gap. Although it turned out that there was no gap, I also enjoyed the mystique of not knowing exactly what day I'd raise Goose Bay on the horizon (as I had no odometer). I found the lakes with lily pads in them to be the warmest ones for taking my 5-second swims. From Goose Bay, I took the Petite Forte to Red Bay - your photo of which, at the front of this website which I just discovered, conjures up fine memories of my well-it's-back-to-pedaling-again morning.


Date: Jan 19/06
Name: Peter Sluys
Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
My wife and I were looking for a 'different' type of vacation and after reading your Trans-Labrador Highway website, we have decided to do the Labrador / Newfoundland circle tour in 2007. A lot of helpful hints and sights! Can hardly wait for the followups!


Date: Dec 1/05
Name: Keith Culpepper
Location: Tallahassee, Fl
Was stationed at "Melville Air Station", just outside The Goose from 6/68 thru 12/68. Went back for short TDY'S. LOVED IT! Was USAF enlisted but was also a pilot. Flew USAF/RCAF missions called "Aid to Indigenous Peoples". Flew old Army Beaver (skis) brought in from Argentia. Those wonderful Inuit people were a pleasure to be around, especially the elders. I yearn to DRIVE back someday and especially marvel at the beauty & solitude of Lake Alexander, just down the hill from Melville. Sure hope those brown trout have grown.


Date: Oct 14/05
Name: Dennis Thatcher
Location: Langley, British Columbia, Canada
I am an American retiree living in Western Canada, married to a Canadian Citizen. I had my first, (and only) experience with the awesome beauty of Labrador while stationed with the U.S. Air Force at Goose AB in 1966. My wife and I often talk about driving the Labrador Hwy from our home in Langley BC to Happy Valley/Goose Bay. Of course, when I was stationed there, the only way in was by air, so I think this would be a journey of a lifetime, I was truly captivated by the beauty and panorama of this huge country, maybe that's part of the reason I made Canada my home.
Sincerely, Dennis Thatcher


Date: Oct 13/05
Name: Michael
Location: Montreal
Brings back great memories of when i grew up in Labrador city, its such a nice change from the fast paced life in the city, the silence is golden


Date: June 1/05
Name: Lewis Michelin
Location: Edmonton Alberta Canada
I am very happy to have found this website. I have had many fond memories of the Churchill River. Being on it and fishing it, from the Goose Bay end and the Churchill Falls end.


Date: May 30/05
Name: Hank (gear) learning
Location: ontario
nice pictures....anyone out there remembers me....drop me a line


Date: May 18/05
Name: Nadine King
Location: Fredericton
Born and Raised in Labrador City, and got to say nice view of the very traveled road to Baie-Comeau for our family vacations, finally I can show my friends when they talk about bad road, they are nothin compare to the TLH.



May 13/05

Name: Rose Coates
Location: Happy Valley, NL
This is the most awesome site. It describes Labrador very good. Layout out wonderful, easy to follow. My kids had a project to do and it was a major great help. Thanks for such a great job done.

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