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The Trans-Labrador Hwy, leading to Labrador City, Churchill Falls, and Goose Bay, is the only route to Labrador that does not require you to take a ferry. However, if you wish to visit southern Labrador, or make your trip into a circle trip via Newfoundland, then you must take one or more ferries.

From Goose Bay you can elect to take the ferry south. ***Please note that in 2003 the route of the ferry changed*** It NO LONGER GOES TO LEWISPORTE on the island of Newfoundland. Starting in 2003 the ferry from Goose Bay goes south to Cartwright. From there you continue south along the Trans-Labrador Hwy to Red Bay in Southern Labrador. From Red Bay continue west to Blanc Sablon where you catch another ferry to Newfoundland, arriving at St. Barbe on the Great Northern Peninsula. 


Here is an overview map of the ferries that run to Labrador


Links to sites for ferry service info

  • Ferry ("Relais Nordik") between Blanc Sablon & Natasquan (in Quebec, along the Lower North Shore) There's no website. Telephone (418) 723-8787 for more information.
    Here is some more info on the Blanc Sablon - Natasquan ferry that was posted on in June 2001:

    From Natashquan down to Blanc Sablon... assuming the boat's on schedule, you leave Natashquan on a Thursday morning and get into Blanc Sablon late on a Friday night.
    On the way up, you'd leave Blanc Sablon Friday night/very early Saturday, and get into Natashquan Sunday middayish.
    Here's contact info for Relais-Nordik, the company that operates the service. I don't know the tariff for a vehicle offhand, having never had occasion to take one:
    Telephone : 418-723-8787 
    Telephone #2 : 418-692-5000 
    Toll-free number : 1-800-463-0680 (418) 
    Fax : 418-722-9307 
    Circuit or destination : Route des Navigateurs 
    E-Mail : 

    Your vehicle is loaded into a container and handled like containerized freight.
    The boat is no luxury ship, but it's a fascinating trip. Well, the drive down to Natashquan itself is very interesting. If you have the time, I'd recommend going out to the islands in Sept-Isles, taking in some activities in the Mingan Islands National Park (Havre-St-Pierre), and taking at least a quick stroll around the villages, esp. Magpie, Sheldrake, Baie-Johann-Beetz, and Natashquan. Beautiful spots.
    From the boat it's a bit of hike into La Romaine, and you really need a ride for Tête-à-la-Baleine, but Kegaska, Harrington Harbour, and part of Tabatiere are easily accessible on foot. Your best chance to visit Harrington is on the way up.
    St. Augustine is way across the bay from the dock, but the entry into and out of the port through the "rigolets" is unforgettable.
    All the people involved in the public operations of the boat are fully bilingual (pursers, stewards, reservations, etc.) In the peak season a lot of the tourists are French (as in from France) or Quebecois.

    And another message posted in the same forum on April 2003:

    I just called Relais Nordik regarding prices and availability for the summer of 2003. **I know your message was posted in September, but just in case it's useful to anyone, here are details:
    From Natashquan to Blanc-Sablon, the price to ferry a light vehicle (less than 1133kg) is $256.22 taxes included.
    Places are limited to 12 vehicles. 6 get in at Rimouski, and 6 more in Havre St-Pierre and/or Natashquan. So you'd better book ahead of time. Some weeks were already complete! I asked about August, and most weeks had 3 places left at most.
    Then there's a passenger fee since you spend the night on the boat. The passenger fee for the cheapest cabins (shared 4-bed cabin) is:
    $191,87 per person tx incl. (meals included)
    $130.58 per person tx incl. (meals NOT included)
    Pretty reasonable considering you travel about 1000km, over 36 hours or so.
    PS: I tried to look up this information online, but no schedules/prices are available to my knowledge. So you really have to call. The phone number still works: 1-800-463-0680 and the folks are friendly and helpful.


  • Newfoundland & Labrador - official government tourism site
  • Newfoundland and - "Getting Here"
  • Government of Newfoundland & Labrador - news release re ferry service for 2004 - Apr 12, 2004.

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