Trans-Labrador Highway

Southern Labrador

Southern Labrador may be thought of as being divided up into two areas. From Blanc Sablon east to Red Bay, and then north to Cartwright. And secondly west from Blanc Sablon to the end of the road at Vieux Forte (Old Fort). This section is actually in the province of Quebec. However, for the purposes of this website and from the practical traveler's viewpoint, it can be conveniently referred to as being part of Labrador (with apologies to Quebec!).

Southern Labrador is quite rugged and picturesque. The road along the north shore runs up and down big hills, up into barrenland areas, and down into deep valleys. There's a few large rivers along the way.

This section of Labrador is actually the north shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Strait of Belle Isle. For more info about the North Shore of the St. Lawrence River (ie, much farther west, please see the North Shore section of this website. Someday there may be a road west to link up with the north shore roads, but I think that will be quite awhile coming, as the country in between is quite rugged.

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