Trans-Labrador Highway

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Central Labrador
Trans-Labrador Hwy: Labrador City - Churchill Falls - Goose Bay
Also Quebec Hwy 389 from Baie Comeau (Quebec) north to Labrador City

South Labrador
Blanc Sablon - Red Bay - Cartwright
including the Quebec part of the north shore (west from Blanc Sablon)

North Shore
This is the region along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It lies south and west of Labrador. While this region is actually part of Quebec, I have included it here on this site as it is part of the same overall region.

  • For now, information about the St. Lawrence North Shore (farther west) is in the North Shore section of the Leatherwood Trail  website. (It will be transferred to this site soon).

Keeping it nice!

This is a relatively pristine and unmolested area. Please do your share to help keep it this way:

  • Carry out all your garbage with you, and dispose of it properly when you reach a town.
  • If you make a campfire, make it in an established fire pit, use only dead wood, and make sure it is fully out before leaving it.
  • One of the prime attractions up here is the SILENCE - and that's what many people come up here for. Please keep your noise to an absolute minimum.

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