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The Trans-Labrador Hwy (Central Labrador)



Based on what I observed during my trip by car and my experience with motorized two-wheeled vehicle travel elsewhere, I think this would be a challenge indeed! There are long stretches of soft gravel that are tricky even in a car. I saw a guy on a Harley leaving Churchill Falls, struggling very hard to remain upright as he tried to ride through the soft gravel. He was obviously very nervous, and wasn't going faster than walking speed. There was no choice, though -- there were no bare patches to ride along.

If you do go on a motorbike, please ride very carefully, and be very alert for "surprise" soft gravel patches.  Also, be very visible, since the dust clouds raised by passing vehicles can completely hide you until they settle, which is sometimes quite awhile.

Gas up whenever possible, even though the longest distance between gas stations is 290km, just in case.

Remember that this is a remote area.


This could be a challenging trip to do by bicycle due to the remoteness of the area. Other vehicles would be a hazard as well, as they spew out gravel as they pass. The long stretches of unpaved road would be a challenge as well. Be careful and be visible.

Water: You will need to either drink the water from the streams and rivers as is (not recommended) or carry some sort of water purification device.



Southern Labrador


The highway east and west from Blanc Sablon is paved.

  • to the west, the road is paved all the way to St. Paul River (Riviere St. Paul).
  • to the east, the road is paved to Red Bay.
  • The section from Red Bay to Cartwright is unpaved; it's a modern, well-graded gravel road. Be careful of loose gravel and deep gravel along here. Vehicles traveling fast are also a hazard to beware of.

Remember that this is a remote area, although not as remote as central Labrador.


There are some wickedly steep hills both east and west from Blanc Sablon, and some of them are quite long. The same cautions apply to the unpaved road north from Red Bay to Cartwright as for the Trans-Labrador Hwy (above).


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