Trans-Labrador Highway

Central & Western Labrador

July 2000

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Hwy 389 in Quebec

For the next 176km, from Manic 5 north, the road is gravel.  As you can see from the photos it is a modern gravel road, with easy curves and hills for the most part.  However, you do have to watch out for the sections of deep and loose gravel.  If you don't drive carefully you can easily spin out of control and into the ditch.
km 239

This section of the road ate one of the hubcaps off of my car:


Now you see it (driver's side rear);



Now you don't!

(I wonder if that counts as littering?)


km285, with the Manicougan Reservoir visible up ahead

From about km280 on, the huge Manicougan Reservoir is visible from time to time in the distance.  This is a large man-made lake created by the Daniel Johnson dam.

It is visible in this photo up ahead to the left.


Manicougan Reservoir as seen from space

Here is a view of the Manicougan Reservoir from space.

This ring-shaped lake was formed by the impact of a gigantic meteorite.  The lake is 64km in diameter.  The Daniel Johnson dam simply expanded the area of the existing lake.

The highway travels along the eastern side of this lake.


Here is a far off view of the central island in the Manicougan Reservoir
km 316 "Relais Gabriel" is located here: just a restaurant and gas station, and that's about all.  This is your last chance to get gas (or anything else) for the next 250km.
From about km300 through km375 the road passes through a region of moderate sized mountains.
  As you can see from these pictures, there is very little traffic on this road.  I didn't have to wait around to get these photos of empty roads.  I would've had to wait around for awhile to get a photo with a car in it!  It's a very lonely highway through huge empty country.  Beautiful!

There was snow on the northern side of some of these mountains, near their tops.

(Sorry, no picture of the snow - it was so far away that I could only tell that it was snow through my binoculars.)


One of several one-lane bridges on this stretch of road

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