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Quebec Hwy 389 - Baie Comeau to Labrador City

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Most of the written and photographic material for this Virtual Tour has been generously provided by Mathieu Gagnon. I have mixed in my own words and photos as well. Thank you Mathieu!!

Km 0: Baie Comeau is where this road begins.  This is the last town until Fermont and Labrador City (585km from here). Stock up on food and gas, especially on gas since the price will rise a lot as you travel north (it's a remote area). In September 2004, the gas was $0.86/L in Baie-Comeau vs $1.04/L up north. The food was about the same price.
From here to Manic 5 (212km) the road is paved, but it is twisty, narrow, and very hilly, with no real shoulder.  No gas until the Manic 5 dam, 212km to the north.
There are lots of logging trucks along this section, and they really move when they are driving north empty.  They probably appreciate it if you find a good place to pull over and allow them to pass.  You'll also have a less stressful drive without them up your rear end.
If you are going to Manic-5, 215 kilometers away, a rush drive can take you there in 2 hours, but a normal drive will take 2 hours and a half since there is a lot of curves, and a smooth drive can take up to 3 hours. If you are going to Fermont, 565 kilometers away, a rush drive can take you there in 6 hours, a normal drive in 7 hours and a smooth drive in around 8 hours. If this is your first time and you are planning to take a lot of pictures and wander here and there to marvel at the scenery (which I strongly suggest you do), plan more than 8 hours for the trip. Don't forget that Labrador City is in the Maritime Provinces, thus 1 hour later than in Quebec and Ontario.
Km 22: Manic-2 Dam, visible from the road. A free guided tour of 1˝ hrs is offered during the summer and reservations are recommended. You will see how electricity is produced among other things. Great tour, but if you are short on time, I suggest you save it for the free guided tour of Manic-5 instead, and/or Churchill Falls

Hydro Quebec website (Manic 2)
Km 24: Manic-2 campground on the left side of the road. Great place. The camp sites are located past those of the trailers and are wooded. There is also a small lake on the north side where you can see Hwy 389 and swim. Water, electricity, showers and restaurant available. (418) 296-2810.
Km 24: The lake at Manic-2 campground
Km 50: Picture (looking south) of the road running along the shore of a small lake. You will pass some small lakes on your way up to Manic-5, which make for some great pictures.
Km 52: Emergency phone.
km78 Km 78: Typical scenery and road along here
Km 126: 50th Parallel.
Km130 Km 130: More typical scenery
Km 165: Emergency phone.

Transformer station. This is where the electricity goes up to 735-kV. On this picture, you can see one the emergency phone along the road and the transformation station, but the picture doesn't give it justice because it is HUGE. You only see a part of it on this picture.

Km 197: Emergency phone.
Km 200: Picture of the road following some power lines. You know that Manic-5 can't be far away now!
Km 214: Motel de l'Énergie. Just before you come to Manic-5 there is a motel and small restaurant where you can buy gas. Beware, the gas is not cheap...

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Photos and narrative on this page by Mathieu Gagnon & Walter Muma


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