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Quebec Hwy 389 - Baie Comeau to Labrador City

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Km 407: 52nd parallel. The taiga, composed mainly of small black spruces, lichens and mosses, officially starts here. Broad-leaved trees will be very sparse and rare from now on.

Km 418: Emergency phone.

Km 421: For the next 90km (north to the closed mine at Fire Lake) the road is paved, and you can make pretty good speed on it!

Enjoy it while it lasts.....

When you come back the other way, after hundreds of kilometers of gravel road, it feels like you're flying when you drive this stretch of road.

That's one empty road, eh?

I hope you like black spruce trees - you're going to see a lot of them.

Km 440: Picture of the bridge crossing the Casse River. Now this is a safe bridge!
Km 460: Picture of the lonely and desolate (yet beautiful because of that) scenery along here.
Km 483: It's time to hit the brakes since the paved road ends here!

Up ahead are the remnants of the mine of Fire Lake: 2 massive silos are still standing. Everything else was taken down. Make a left turn here and get prepared for the worst part of highway 389: 67 kilometers of twisty road!

Km 495: Emergency phone.
Km 495: Be careful when you cross the railroad. It may look deserted, but this is not the case! For quite a ways the road flirts with this railroad that ships out the ore from the Mount Wright iron mine, crossing and re-crossing the rails many times. You will have to cross it 9 times. Yes, 9 times!

Be careful, as there are no crossing signals.

Km 495: Here are pictures of the railroad alongside a small island covered with lichens and the road alongside the railroad.
Now this is an ugly road! Why was this section of the highway made so dangerous and unappealing? Probably because it is a purely practical road.
Km 499: This is what the next 80km of road are like.  A much narrower gravel road that twists and turns all over the place.

Take care along here. There's not much room if you meet a truck.

There are many small lakes along here, with deserted sandy beaches. Very little traffic.

Km 511: Emergency phone.
Km 515: Left (here) and north view (below) of the road still following the railroad.
So twisty!
Km 525: The road approaching the railroad... one more time!

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