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Km 540: Mount Wright visible from the road. All the mountain is literally being striped of its iron! You will circle it and can get a better view in a few kilometers.
Km 545: The iron mine at Mount Wright is colossal.  Basically they are removing the mountain, extracting the ore, and piling what's left in huge tailings piles. A true mega-project.

Here is a picture of the enormous tailings dump.

To give you an idea of its size, it is about 2 miles away.  

Km 547: Emergency phone.
Km 550: The Quebec Cartier Mining Company exploiting Mount Wright. The company started construction of the installation in January 1971 and production in October 1974. So what you are now seeing is 30 years of exploitation. Mount Wright was much different in 1974!

Official Website of the Quebec Cartier Mining Company:

Km 550: On your right, you will follow for the last time the railroad, which ends at the mine.
On your left there is this HUGE tailings pile. It completely blocks your view and is truly odd to look at.
Km 550: The mining company up close. A two-hour free guided tour of the mine is offered during the summer; reservations are required. (418) 287-4550.
Km 555: North of Daigle Lake, around km 555, are the Severson Mountains. 7 trails are available. If you have a spare day ahead of you, you can hike from there to Fermont, 12 kilometers away.

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