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Quebec Hwy 389 - Baie Comeau to Labrador City

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Km 570: Border of Quebec-Labrador.

Congratulations, you've made it!

This is the end of Quebec Hwy 389. From here on you are on the Trans-Labrador Highway.

Once again, virtual tour contributor Mathieu poses for the camera.

Did you know that the flag of Labrador is not the same one as Newfoundland? Labrador's flag is white, green and blue, which represent snow, land and water, with a green spruce twig representing the 3 races: Inuit, Innu and European settlers. The flag was created in 1974 by Mr. Mike Martin.
Km 575: Duley Lake Family Park. Great campground. Lots of open spaces and some black spruces. Sites available near Long Lake or along Walsh River. Restroom and shower. Very affordable. (709) 282-3660.
Km 15 (of the Trans-Labrador Hwy):

Welcome to Labrador City! You can't miss this panel just before you enter the town!

Labrador City & Wabush

This is the site of Canada's largest iron ore mine.  All of the usual services are available here.

In 2001, 7,744 people lived in Labrador City and 1,894 in Wabush, according to Census of Canada. Early iron ore exploration camp began in 1949 in the region. Labrador City was incorporated in 1961, followed by Wabush in 1967. The towns were built within just a few kilometers of each other. The mines of Labrador City and Wabush are expected to last for many years to come, so the towns should not experience the same fate as Gagnon. Free guided tours of the mines are available during the summer. Reservations should be made at the tourism booth (709) 944-7631. An airport services both towns. The Trans Labrador Highway opened in 1992 and connected with Churchill Falls and Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Official Website for both towns:
Official Website of the Iron Ore Company of Canada:

Picture of a street in Labrador City. The houses are not built in the same way as in Fermont.
Tanya Beach. Yes, there is a beach in Labrador where you can swim and play volleyball! But in early September, the water was too cold to even think about a short swim.
Picture of a road in Wabush with view of Labrador City in the distance. As you can see, the two towns are not far from each other.
J.R. Smallwood Collegiate, the school of Wabush.
One huge playground in Wabush.

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