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Km 562: Junction with the road leading to Fermont, 2 kilometers west. Fermont is a company-owned town.  Gas is available here, along with the usual services.

When you leave Fermont on the way south, check carefully the information panel (shown on the picture), especially in the winter. If red lights are on, it means that the road ahead is closed between those red lights.

During the summer, the road is always open. Don't forget to fill up your car before going south: there is no gas for the next 249 kilometers.


The location of the town of Fermont was chosen to diminish the effect of the cold winds coming from the north. A windscreen, 1.6 kilometer in length, blocks the winds and protects the houses within the town. Inside this windscreen, you find everything that you need from the grocery to the school, the restaurant to the swimming pool and the stores to the apartments. The windscreen is unique in North America. The town came to life in 1971, but was officially incorporated in 1974. 2,918 people lived in Fermont in 2001, according to Census of Canada.

Official Website of Fermont:

When in Fermont, you can go south a few meters along Daviault Lake and climb Mount Daviault. Three trails lead to the summit, ranging from 0.7 to 1.5 kilometers in length. 
I suggest that you take trail #3 to climb so you can look at Fermont all the way up, and trail #2 to go down. Track #1 has nothing special to look at.
From the top, you have a great view of the whole town.
Various panels (in French only) along the trails inform you about the vegetation and animals living in the area. A lot of lichens and mosses (as seen on the picture) cover the ground and make it soft.
When on top, you can look north at Fermont, or south at 2 small lakes (as seen in this picture).
Here are some pictures of the streets, houses and a playground of Fermont.
An olympic track and some tennis courts were built in Fermont. The olympic track was built in August 1981 after a generous donation by Bernard Sunley.

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