Trans-Labrador Highway

Summer 2003

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West from Blanc Sablon - Quebec


Just a few miles west of Blanc Sablon.
The highway goes up into those barren hills in the distance.
Bras D'Or falls is at the head of this bay (off to the right, but not visible in  this photo).


Falls on the Bras D'Or River.


Just after Bras D'Or falls the road rises steeply up into the barren hills.

Middle Bay.

Typical scenery along this stretch.
St. Pauls' River
The last stretch of road is unpaved, between St. Paul's River and Vieux Forte (Old Fort).
End of the road!

Someday this may connect with the rest of the North Shore.


The town of Vieux Forte.

This ends the tour of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2003.
Thank you for sharing our trip with us in this way!

For more information about the North Shore of the St. Lawrence (west of here), please visit my Leatherwood Trail website, North Shore section.


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