Trans-Labrador Highway

Summer 2003

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East and North from Blanc Sablon

The Trans-Labrador Hwy now starts here at the town of Red Bay.  It extends 315 km north to Cartwright.

This photo shows the junction of the new road at Red Bay. The new road (the Trans-Labrador Hwy) is unpaved all the way to Cartwright.

In spite of what the sign says, you don't go straight ahead for Port Hope Simpson, you must turn left!


Just a short ways north from Red Bay on the new Trans-Labrador Hwy. 
There's an iceberg in the distance.

On the new road running north from Red Bay, 'way up in the uplands above the ocean. The road climbs quite a ways in the first few miles. 

The view here is actually looking south towards Red Bay.

Note the patch of snow in the distance.


Further along the Trans-Labrador Hwy.
Higher up in the highlands, away from the ocean.

Again, this photo is a view looking south towards Red Bay.

The road is quite spectacular for a number of miles north from Red Bay. Then it settles down into the typical rolling forested interior of Labrador scenery, except for where it crosses river valleys and ocean inlets.


Fishing boats at Mary's Harbour.
St. Lewis Inlet

The road crosses a couple of large inlets from the sea. One is at Port Hope Simpson (above) and this is the other one.

Note the clearcut on the far hillside, on the right side of the photo. Logging is alive and well in this part of Labrador.


Port Hope Simpson

The junction with the road to Charlottetown (no, not the city in PEI!).

This is as far north as we went, due to time constraints. As well, it appeared that the scenery would be similar all the way to Cartwright.

Cartwright is straight ahead.



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