Trans-Labrador Highway

Summer 2003

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The ferry across the Strait of Belle Isle runs from St. Barbe, Newfoundland, to Blanc Sablon, on the north shore. Blanc Sablon is actually in Quebec, as the Province of Quebec extends quite a bit east along the North Shore.

In this travelogue and in this section of the website, for convenience I will be dealing with the whole section of the north shore along the Strait of Belle Isle, from Quebec up into Labrador.

See the North Shore section of this website for more info on the area further west.

The vehicle deck of the ferry.
Coming in to Blanc Sablon.

The north coast of the Strait of Belle Isle is fairly barren, with very few trees.



East and north from Blanc Sablon - Labrador


Fairly typical scenery traveling east from Blanc Sablon. 
The highway runs along the tops of hills and cliffs, descending into valleys where small towns are located.


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