Trans-Labrador Highway

Summer 2003

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East and North from Blanc Sablon

We saw several icebergs while we were in Labrador. This one is near Castan Island (L'Anse a Diable).

The town of Forteau

L'Anse Armour. We stayed in a bed and breakfast here.

Black Flies!!! Even though it was August, the black flies were horrendous here. We tried to cook supper outdoors on the beach, but were driven indoors by them.


The road follows the Pinware River for a ways before reaching Red Bay.
These photos are taken from the bridge across the river.


Note that it is treed in the valley only. The hills are barren.
Well, they're not truly barren, as they are covered with low shrubs. 
But that's what it's called.

Red Bay.

This used to be the end of the road until just a few years ago.



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